Making Your Marriage Work

Designed for engaged couples, newlyweds, and couple looking to strengthen their marriage.
Everyone wants a happy and satisfying marriage. Sadly, 6 out of 10 couples never reach their goal. By taking this course, you'll walk away with spiritual truths & practical strategies that will empower you to make your marriage work before it starts! 

9 Lessons

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9 Lessons in Making Your Marriage Work:

Honor: The Foundation of Love (Part 1)

Learn the Top 10 dishonoring acts in a home.

Honor: The Foundation of Love (Part 2)

Learn how to open the door to intimacy and love in your marriage.

Roles of a Husband

Learn the three roles every husband is called to fulfill.

Roles of a Wife

Learn the roles of a wife and clear up bad teaching on submission..

The Surprising Value of Conflict

Unlearn what you know about conflict so you can use it to build your marriage.

The Secrets to Super Sex

Practice these five strategies to have a sex life that is satisfying to both partners.

Money & Your Marriage

Learn how you value money in your marriage.

Expectations Gone Wrong

Learn the truth about expectations, and how to handle it when they're not met.

Myths That Lead to Affairs

Dispel myths that often lead spouses to commit adultery.